Enter the round barrow; an eternal circle that connects us to the ancient burials of our forefathers, in the profound peace of the earth, cocooned from the elements.  In a world where so much is transient, we find ourselves looking back for something permanent, something that tethers us to a place or time.

Placing an urn containing the ashes of a loved one into a stone niche in the silence of the barrow addresses the formal ritual for honouring a life and the spiritual journey for those who mourn.  Finding a suitable final resting place for one you love is so important for the soul of the living.

Once the cremation has taken place, a farewell ceremony/service may be held in our barn followed by a ceremonial walk to the barrow for the placing of the urn. Of course, no formal ceremony has to take place just one or two family may wish to attend a private placement.

At Higher Ground Meadow we assist families in holding the type of farewell that exactly reflects their wishes, lifestyle and beliefs.  To find out more or to arrange a visit to the burial grounds or the round barrow, please contact us: